Our business leaders of the GP Group family.

Kirit Shah

Chairman of GP Group

Anjeli Shah

Managing Director, Ambika Tour Agency Limited and Geepee Air Service Limited

Nishita Shah

GP Group Managing Director

Sameera Shah

GP Group Director

Ishaan Shah

GP Group Director

Shiraz Poonevala

Director – Investment, GP Group

Khalid Hashim

Managing Director, Precious Shipping PCL

Khushroo Wadia

Managing Director, Christiani & Nielsen (Thai) PCL

Jaipal Mansukhani

Director, Precious Shipping PCL

A.S. Krishnan

Vice-President Energy / Mining

Shirish Sharma

Managing Director, Premthai International Limited

Lalit Mathur

Managing Director, Maestro Controls

Wanchai Pawa

Managing Director, Premthai Energy Limited

Vivek Dhawan

CEO & Chief Coach, Mega Lifesciences PCL

Manav Garg

CEO & Founder, Eka Software Solutions Private Limited

Somsiri Achwarin

Senior Manager, Ambika Tour Agency

Jaiyavat Navaraj

Executive Chairman, MJETS Limited

Simon D'Oyly

General Manager, MJETS Limited

Sanjog Modgil

Vice President – Hospitality, GP Group

Andy Minckler

Managing Director, InsurExcellence Insurance Brokers Limited

Urmi Shah

Director, Premthai International

Step Bell

Director, InsurExcellence Insurance Brokers Limited

Rajeev Kartik Turaga

Overseas Manager, Premthai Energy