Alva Aluminium Ltd

What the company does

Produces high-quality secondary aluminium alloys from a range of materials such as aluminium scrap, copper scrap, primary aluminium, silicon with fluxes, and master alloys. It serves clients across Asia with a focus on the auto and auto die-casting industries.

Why GP Group invested

Alva Aluminium developed a niche market by sourcing high-quality scrap to produce high-quality alloys, adding value for businesses across the supply chain.

Vuttinath Romsai

Vuttinath Romsai

Managing Director

“We strive to continuously improve production processes to deliver quality products and services that exceed customer expectations. And to create a friendly environment that sustainably develops the organisation’s and employees' growth.”




Rayong, Thailand

Key activities

Manufactures hi-quality secondary aluminium alloys for the automotive sector

Key markets

Thailand and southern Asia


Developing a niche for high-quality secondary aluminium alloys.