Golden Lime PCL

What the company does

Produces and trades high-quality lime (calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate) which is used in a wide range of industries, primarily as a flux in steel and mining, a pH regulator in wastewater treatment, sugar, paper and agriculture, and as a filler in the paint and plastics industry.

Why GP Group invested

The acquisition of Golden Lime strengthened the Group’s minerals division and its ability to supply high-quality lime and related value-added products to a range of industries across Asia.

Geza Perlaki

Geza Perlaki

Managing Director and Executive Director

“We are able to play a more significant strategic role in the local and regional lime market”.




Bangkok, Thailand

Key activities

Lime, hydrated lime, calcium carbonate powder, burnt dolomite

Key markets

Key industries including steel, chemicals, sugar, mining, pulp and paper


Listed on the SET, established a leading market position and acquired Saraburi Quicklime, Thailand's 4th largest producer of quicklime