Majan Mining LLC

What the company does

Mines high-purity limestone for the steel and cement industries across the Middle East and Asia.

Why GP Group invested

GP Group started looking to build its limestone activities outside of Thailand and partnered with the Al Rawas family in Oman to secure a one billion tonne reserve of very high quality limestone (about 98% calcium carbonate). This made it ideal for supplying to value-added industries such as steel and the downstream commercial lime production industry.

A.S. Krishnan

A.S. Krishnan


“Our main market for lime is India’s steel industry. Today India has installed capacity of about 130 million tonnes of steel per year compared with 1.1 billion tonnes in China, which has a similar population, so there is plenty of potential for growth.”




Salalah, Sultanate of Oman

Key activities

Limestone mining and production of lime

Key markets



Incorporates Carmeuse Majan, a joint venture with Carmeuse, which builds and operates a lime kiln in Oman and acquires a 50% stake in Associated Lime Industry