Oaks Bodhgaya

What the company does

Four-star hotel with 78 rooms in Bodhgaya, in India with plans to expand to 138 rooms.

Why GP Group invested

To tap the rising demand for higher-quality accommodation for business and leisure travelers in Bodhgaya, a destination known for its Buddhist heritage.

Sanjog Modgil

Sanjog Modgil

Vice President Hospitality & Hotels, GP Group

“GP Group has long recognised the potential of the Indian Buddhist Circuit and we are delighted to partner with Minor Hotels and Top Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd to launch Oaks Bodhgaya, which marks the first step in establishing our presence on this world famous circuit in India.”




Bodhgaya, India

Key activities

Business and leisure accommodation, food & beverage, meetings and events facilities

Key markets

Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka & India


Received the no.1 ranking on TripAdvisor for hotels in Bodhgaya in 2017