Precious Shipping PCL

What the company does

Precious Shipping is a pure dry-cargo ship-owner operating in the Handysize, Supramax and Ultramax sectors of the tramp freight market. Our ships are managed by Great Circle Shipping Agency Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Why GP Group invested

We initially established a shipping division in 1983 to manage shipping commodities that GP Group was trading. In 1987 we bought our first of many ships. We soon saw a larger opportunity in creating a quality, reliable shipping company in the tramp freight sector. Precious Shipping became the Group's first public company when it listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1993.

Khalid Hashim

Khalid Hashim

Managing Director

“When we entered the small-ship markets, there were no respectable operators. We saw that as an opportunity to go in as a good brand name and run a good operation.”



Key activities

Operates 36 dry-cargo ships with a total capacity of 1,585,805 DWT

Key markets

Global tramp trade market

Key milestones

In 1993 became the Group’s first listed-company, since when it has been named the world’s No.1 Listed Shipping Company and is currently developing a fleet of larger vessels to serve India and China