Premthai Energy Ltd

What the company does

One of Thailand’s top three coal suppliers. It screens, grades and distributes high-quality low-sulphur coal, most of which is sourced from Indonesia, for industrial clients across the kingdom.

Why GP Group invested

Fluctuating high oil prices affected the Thai industrial sector dependent on bunker oil as fuel. It provided a good opportunity to use coal as substitute fuel with minimal investment in conversion.

Wanchai Pawa

Wanchai Pawa

Managing Director

“It is a natural expansion of downstream business built on the group’s coal sourcing and logistics strength.”




Bangkok, Thailand

Key activities

Screening, grading and distributing quality coals for industrial clients in Thailand

Key markets

Industrial clients in Thailand in the textiles, sugar, pulp and paper, cement, food, rubber and chemicals sectors


Recognised and awarded over multiple years for its CSR efforts by the Department of Industrial Works