Who We Are

GP Group is a Thailand-based strategic investment group which owns a number of public- and privately-owned companies across diverse sectors, such as resources, logistics, pharmaceuticals, aviation and technology.
Who We Are
The Shah family have been guardians of the GP Group brand since its origins as a rice-trading business in Mumbai, India, in 1868. Their frontier mindset and drive to seek opportunity in markets others often viewed as too difficult enabled the business to expand across Asia and around the world. GP Group is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, where it has been operating since 1918.

What We Do

For 150 years, GP Group has been founding companies, investing in businesses, forming partnerships, incubating new ideas and creating jobs across Asia, the Middle East and much of the world.

Why We Exist

GP Group is driven by a desire to create opportunity by exploring new frontiers and funding new futures. Our purpose is founded on three core values: curiosity, foresight and humility.


We are always looking, always learning, and always seeing how our knowledge and experience can be applied to current and future situations. As our Chairman, Kirit C Shah, says: “You can always learn more. If you lose your curiosity, you may as well give up.”


We are focused on creating future opportunities by deciding what action we need to take in today’s dynamic, disruptive environment to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Such foresightedness is guided by our frontier mindset and entrepreneurial vision. It draws on the experiences, insights and intuition we have fostered over the past 150 years.


We have a modest view of our own importance because we know great ideas can come from anywhere, anyone and at anytime. We’ve benefited from the greatness of others by being open-minded, listening to other people and trusting in them.

How We Work

We add value by bringing a pragmatic entrepreneurial mindset, deep insights, intuitive decision-making and a highly-experienced network of talent and skills to our businesses, ventures and partnerships.

We constantly strive to learn and understand more about the world and the markets in which we operate. We do this by actively seeking out new ideas, innovative thinkers and best-in-class experts and connecting them with our teams and ventures. We are guided by our chairman Kirit C Shah’s three commandments which are underpinned by our purpose and values. They are:

Be curious and inquisitive

Think broadly and deeply

Take risks, learn from mistakes

We are responsible investors. This means once we’ve decided to back an idea we empower the professional management of each business and do not interfere with their operations. Beyond providing financial support, we listen to our partners and help them see a bigger picture by offering different perspectives and lending them our expertise. We are always accessible and pride ourselves on never being more than a phone call or meeting away.

Our Role in the Community

GP Group has always been committed to playing a positive role in the communities and environments where we work.

More than fifty years ago, we built and funded a sanatorium providing affordable healthcare for poor people from Mumbai’s Kutchi and Gujarati communities. In 1967, the Matushri Manibai Shivji Devjee Kanya Kelvani Fund was set up to provide scholarships for girls from the local Kutchi community, at a time when educating women in India was a radical proposition.

We established the GP Foundation to consolidate our social enablement and community empowerment initiatives and to provide a focus for other philanthropic activities that the Shah family previously conducted ?on a private basis.

Public Health

• Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation

Arts & Culture

• Kochi Biennale Foundation (India)
• Gwangju Biennale (Korea)
• Photo Bangkok (Thailand)


• Mechai Pattana Bamboo School
• Matushri Manibai Shivji Devjee Kanya Kelvani Fund